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Watch it Made background

Watch it Made is an Educational Outreach Programme funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). The idea was conceived by Cranfield University staff who wished to create an engineering activity that would make young learners experience the unique 'pride of producing' that only engineering can offer, prior to the children making their high school subject selections, with the intended outcome of more children selecting engineering and its related subjects.

The Watch It Made experience was created by two student Master degree group projects supervised at Cranfield University. In January 2014, a first student group project team from the University of Cambridge evaluated the proposed concept of Watch It Made as an educational experience. Thereafter, a second group project team of Cranfield University students defined the content of the Watch It Made experience. This Cranfield team designed a watch that could be produced by children. They also proved the fun learning experience that children get when they use modern engineering design and manufacturing to make a self-designed quality watch.


In May 2014 two Cranfield Masters students decided to advance the Watch it Made experience

Florian Caroff investigated and defined the modern machinery necessary for children to make watch components. Armand Didier designed simple to use tooling that enables children to easily and safely assemble their own watch. At the end of their studies, Florian and Armand decided to pursue the Watch It Made activity and now plan to launch a spin out company, incubated within the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Ultra Precision at Cranfield University.