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Discover a challenging, entertaining and practical engineering experience: Watch it Made.

The Watch it Made experience enthuses 10 to 14 year old children into science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects by providing a watch making experience. The participants get to design, manufacture and build their own watch. They leave wearing an engineered product they are 'proud of producing' for themselves.



In the design phase children can produce a unique image for the dial, choose the type of decoration and style of numbering and which hands to use. They also get to determine the colour of the watch case and strap.



In the manufacturing phase the participant will finish the machining of their watch case on a lathe, giving a high quality feature to the watch case provided. They also get to have their designed dial printed using and industrial ink-jet printer using ultra violet cured ink to create the face of the watch. Lastly they are able to have a back-plate for their watch custom engraved, with their own name on the back.


Once the main components have been manufactured, the participants then assemble their watch using the manufactured parts, together with pre-supplied components, e.g. the watch glass, setting crown and stem.

At the end of the experience, not only have they designed, manufactured and assembled their watch, they get to take their own quality timepiece home with them and have something that is unique to themselves.


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